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Securefix+-I.V. Dressing(Transparent and waterproof with Paper Frame)

Securefix+-I.V. Dressing(Transparent and waterproof with Paper Frame)
Securefix+-I.V. Dressing(Transparent and waterproof with Paper Frame)
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I.V.Fixation Dressing - SecureFix +
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Posted: 2019-8-1

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Size: 8.5x11.5cm  

Ref.: 623178

Pack: 50pcs/box,24boxes/ctn





1. High permeability: avoid causing maceration to skin.

2. Transparent: wound site can be observed in any time.

3. Strong viscosity: could hold on the skin over 72 hours.

4. Easy to use: could prevent wrinkling of dressing.




1. Prepare the site according to your facility''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s protocol. Allow all preps and skin protectants to dry completely. Open package and place dressing onto sterile field.

2. Once ready to use, remove the liner to expose adhesive. Flip over dressing so adhesive faces skin.

3. Position notch edge of dressing over catheter hub, placing stabilisation border over catheter hub "wings". Apply dressing to skin(ensure you are not stretching the dressing over the skin surface during application).

4. Pinch film firmly around catheter insertion site and along to the catheter hub. Gently lift the catheter lumens and press border tabs firmly under catheter hub and lumens. Apply firm, gentle pressure to entire window film area.

5. Slowly peel frame away from border edge while simultaneously applying firm pressure to border edge. Smooth entire dressing onto skin to ensure optimal adhesion.

6. Remove securement tape strip with notch from paper frame. Two small adhesive free tabs from the frame will remain on back of tape strip. Utilising these adhesive free areas to place your fingers, partially fold the securement tape strip in half at notch, while using your other hand to hold up the catheter lumens.

7. Apply the tape strip''''''''''''''''s pre-cut notch completely underneath the catheter''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s hub area and lumens(but over the top of the dressing). The notch opening should face the insertion site. Peel paper tabs from back of tape strip and smooth the entire tape surface working from the notched area towards the dressing edge.

8. Prepare and apply documention label over the top of the exposed moulded junction. Press the first half of the strip against the junction; then adhere the other side.

9. Apply firm but gentle pressure to entire dressing to ensure optimal adhesion.


Suggested Application:


Short peripheral and midline venous catheters
Central venous catheters (including subclavian, jugular, femoral and PICCs)
Arterial catheters
Tunneled central vascular devices
Enteral feeding tubes
Dialysis catheters
Adult and pediatric venous catheters
Pulmonary artery catheters

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