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Securefix-I.V. Fixation Dressing with Pad

Securefix-I.V. Fixation Dressing with Pad
Securefix-I。V。 Fixation Dressing with Pad
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I.V.Fixation Dressing - SecureFix
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Posted: 2016-12-28

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Item: Securefix
Size: 6x8cm


1. PU film: Breathable and comfortable;
2. U cut: Convenient for fixing I.V. Cannula;
3. Absorbent pad: Good absorption of the excudate.


1.Hold dressing and orient notch ends of dressing toward patient''''''''''''''''s fingers.
2 Slowly peel release paper away and smooth dressing from center toward edges using firm pressure to ensure optimal adhesion.

Suggested Application:

Short peripheral I.V. and midline venous catheters
Central venous catheters (including subclavian, jugular, femoral and PICCs)
Dialysis catheters
Arterial catheters
Epidural catheters
Other percutaneous devices


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