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NasoGastric Tube Holder

NasoGastric Tube Holder
NasoGastric Tube Holder
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Catheter Securement Device
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Posted: 2016-12-28

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Item: Nasal Fix Plaster
Size: 6x8cm
Ref.: 600330
Pack: 100pcs/box,20boxes/ctn
1. Prepare the skin of nose according to your hospital standards. Before application the skin has to be degreased,cleaned and dried in order to achieve better adhesion of the plaster.
2. First remove the protective film from the upper part of the palster and place the plaster onto the bridge of nose.
3. Now remove the remaining protective film. Wind the botton end spirally around the tube towards the tip of the nose.
4. Fixation in final position.
5. Attention: Remove the adhesive tape is allergic reactions and cutaneous reactions like signs of inflammation occur.
easy to handle and quickly applied.
Suggested Application:
used for transnasal single-lumen tubes, e.g. Levin tube or duodenal or nasojejunal tube as well as for Salem Sump nasogastric tubes

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